About Women’s Precept Bible Study.

In difficult times people who know their God will be strong and will be able to give insight to others. Perhaps you’re saying, “I wish I could do that.” Then learn how to study your Bible, Precept Upon Precept. Join our Bible studies, which enable you to know truth for yourself and which equip you to share with others.

What is a Precept Bible Study? Precept Ministries International was co-founded by Kay Arthur and her husband Jack in 1970. Precept uses the inductive method of bible study, digging deep into the richness of God’s word. The inductive study method is an investigative approach to the Bible using three basic components: Observation Interpretation and Application

Individual study is the first step. Group discussion based observations and insights from individual study are encouraged. It is in the discussion, for many students, that the lesson begins to “gel”. The discussion confirms, clarifies, and corrects as each student seeks to discover truth for themselves. Discussion of the Bible’s truths helps to seal them in our minds and sharing application encourages individuals to live out what they are learning. In this approach, spending time to know what the bible SAYS, understanding what it MEANS, and LIVING IT OUT in our daily lives, results in a life that honors God.

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