Small Groups.

Small groups are a place of intentional growth, care, and mission. They are designed to create space in our lives to grow in our love for God, one another, and our neighbors and then do something about it.

The Christian faith was never meant to be walked alone. God uses others in our lives to grow us deeper in Him and shape us in His likeness. God also reveals Himself to a lost world through the way the body of Christ loves and cares for one another. Small groups at New Hope are intentionally designed to be a safe place to grow spiritually through gospel-centric relationships.

We now have multiple small groups underway, each meeting in a different home on either a weekly or biweekly basis. Each group determines its format and focus independently of the others, so there are a variety of options to suit different schedules and family dynamics. If you are interested in learning more about our current small group offerings, you can contact the church office at (540) 459-4379 for further details. Newcomers are welcome to join at any time.