About Men at Work on the Foundation.

Believing that the most fruitful ministries are undergirded with prayer and knowing from history that every major movement of God began with groups of people – especially groups of men – praying, New Hope’s Men’s Prayer ministry meets every Saturday morning at 7:30 at the church to pray for an hour.

Each meeting beings with a short devotional on prayer, followed by prayers.  Participants pray as they feel led as well as pray silently, lifting up prayers of the heart and listening to God.  Some of the petitions we lift up include prayers for:

  • Leaders

  • Worship Services

  • Ministries, ministers, and those who are ministered to

  • The congregation

  • The community we are trying to reach/impact

  • For ministries we haven’t even thought of yet

  • Men and their ministry to families, neighbors, and co-workers

  • For things as the Lord and the Spirit leads

It’s work that lays the foundation for all we do. It’s a fast and fruitful hour.